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Glenda April 29, 2012 at 12:27 pm

I had a thought about the ending discussion concerning the potential of technological development as an evolutionary force creating a freer and more peaceful world. One of the major roles of law enforcement relates to roads and highways. “Protecting the public” provides opportunities to enforce any other “victim-less” crimes suspected. Already they are manufacturing automobiles that are sensitive to potential accidents and are capable of preventing them. What if you could set your car for speed and destination and it takes you where you want to go without the threat of causing harm to yourself or anyone else. That seems foreseeable. Cruise control has been around forever. GPS, satellites routing your course, and cars that are able to avoid collisions… What reason would there be to have police monitoring personal travel if there is no threat to safety? I wonder though how much we would miss being in control, and being responsible for our own and others’ safety…not to mention the “fun” of driving!


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