Kelly to the TSA – Don’t Strip Our Rights – Thursday, Feb. 2

by Kelly on February 2, 2012

“Don’t Strip Our Rights”, held at the Manchester airport on Friday, Jan. 20th, was a huge success in large part due to the many talented liberty media representatives from Free Keene, Cop Block, and Ladies in Keene who covered the event, Adam of Marijuana Muscle who is including it in a video project he is working on which focuses on the activism here in Keene, Free Keene blogger Jason Rapsher who so expediently released this video the day after the event, and to my video editor/graphics designer Beau Davis for creating the awesome flier and video you see featured in this post; his work speaks for itself.

Additionally, I must thank the individuals at the airport who were acting as agents of the state for doing the right thing that day. They regarded me with the same level of respect in which I regarded them and did not interfere with my peaceful demonstration by initiating any force such as arrest and/or caging against me.

I plan to return to the Manchester airport on Groundhog Day, Thursday, Feb. 2 to do it again, this time with a guest activist; to be announced.

The main goals of this event are to raise awareness of the violations on natural rights inherent in standard TSA procedures, to educate others on the ideas of liberty, and to promote a truly peaceful society.

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Visit Natural Born Anarchist to read the full text of the literature I was handing out in the video.


In liberty,


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Lisa Simeone February 3, 2012 at 6:48 am

BRAVA, Kelly!


Kimi February 28, 2012 at 9:08 pm

We haven’t truly had free spceeh in the US for several decades, we are working hard to recover it but the fight isn’t anywhere near over. And if Obama and the left get their way we won’t have any rights left. By the way have you see the interview where Ted Ralls, left wing cartoonist is calling for violence to try and force the voters to let the left have their way. Sorry I don’t have the URL but you should be able to google the video it was on youtube.


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