Keene Still Doesn’t Need A New Shiny Government MurderCar

by Shaunna on February 19, 2012

Being in cubicle lock-down like every day, I had to wait until apparently the entire story was already over by time I was home from work, to find out what it was that was already over.  Of course,  a printed memo of the police search for a man with a gun and schools in lock-down, was passed around near 8AM.  Speculative chattering lightly ensued.  Half of the usual lunch-break sitting with coworkers was skipped, directly to avoid conversation on such.  (So far it’s been awkward to ask for assistance in my work from someone who, two hours before, cackled about hoping my friends get their house demolished by Keene’s new tank …because that’s my line).  Operation Avoid Hu-Mans was mostly successful, and the shards of conversation I picked up were irrelevant, so I was able to approach the news with almost zero conditioning.


So far, the entire situation seemed over-enthusiastic. From Keene’s own “”pillar of journalistic integrity:”

Members of the Keene Police, along with Officers from Swanzey, Winchester, Hinsdale, Chesterfield, Cheshire County Sherriff’s Office and State Police set a perimeter in an attempt to contain the subject to the woods. The Keene Police K-9 unit arrived a short time later and attempted to track the suspect through the swamp. Due to the difficult and expansive terrain, the State Police helicopter, equipped with a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) device was requested and responded to the scene.


Keene PD makes sense, so far as there’s gonna be any involved.  Swanzey…eh, it’s just south of the other side of town, I guess.  But the rest of the cities, county sheriff and State PD?  Plus a dog, plus a state helicopter?  Obviously I couldn’t have figured out how to catch him while sitting at my desk, but

Martz turned himself in at the Keene Police Department later in the morning, McLaughlin said.

Uh…job well done?

Not only that job, but wel-done on the propaganda as well.   From the same linked article, the Sentinel reports that line quoted just above.  The official police statement, placed midway through that page, says

 At approximately 0950hrs, the following subject was taken into custody without incident.

A bit of a different scene presented of the exact same scene, it seems.

How could a B.E.A.R.C.A.T. have helped this situation, other than perhaps running over gravestones and getting stuck in the swamps? People who spoke last Thursday in favor of the city acquiring it, almost entirely police and ex-police, cited the polices’ need for the tank for difficult terrain, and dire circumstances. If people and a K-9 dog were unable to navigate the terrain on a day with reasonably good weather, how can (in their own words) a “truck” do better?

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Gilang February 28, 2012 at 7:08 pm

oh mercy thats so sad. we hope the pclioe catch and figure the situation out. the passenger crying makes you wonder.


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