Half-Dozen of Another

by Shaunna on April 22, 2012


I only barely disagree with Kate’s timely and informative piece in only a few instances. To wit:

Like I said, I’m sure many will blame the man who shot at police officers entering his home for the outcome of this interaction – but this could have been prevented.


But I believe that Mutrie’s reaction to what could have been, but was not prevented, was up to him.  Mutrie  was entirely responsible for every bullet he fired–at local Greenland police, at Chief Maloney and his ex-girlfriend and ultimately at himself specifically; and, as his home is in a residential area with kids and grandparents nearby, each bullet that only luckily did not hit anyone else. (and of course, the same for every stray and ‘successful’ bullet fired by the police, of course.) If he is not responsible for how he chose to defend (or arguably for some, to “defend” himself), then he is not responsible for defending himself at all and, many other things being equal, how does anyone else claim to be responsible for their own self-defense?



Newmarket Police Chief Kevin Cyr said Maloney “ran through gunfire and dragged wounded officers to safety…

A mark of civilization among some is to not speak ill of the dead, but it’s very difficult to believe everything one reads, or even half of what one sees.  Yet assuming that this last touching anecdote is true; the decision to participate in the investigation of Mutrie can be thoroughly criticized–which it should, as it’s resulted in three deaths and four injured–but at the same time it is difficult to find fault with this, which Maloney can easily be considered entirely responsible for.




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Kager April 23, 2012 at 10:24 am

While I don’t entirely understand what you are saying in this article, I gather that you are under the impression I was saying that Mutrie was not responsible for his actions. Of course he was responsible for his actions and there are certainly other ways he could have gone about protecting himself. I wasn’t saying he was not responsible for shooting those officers – but I was saying that he was not morally wrong in doing so.


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