Derrick J Freeman Unlawfully Arrested

by Cecelia on March 30, 2012

***Updated with new video***

Question of the day: When do you tell them no? How many people do they have to hurt before people stand up and tell them no more?

Today, my dear friend Derrick J. Freeman was attacked and beaten by Officer Moore of KPD. Derrick was riding his bike when Moore came up behind him in a cruiser. Moore flipped his lights on, then proceeded to remove Derrick from his bike by hitting Derrick with the cruiser door. Moore then got out of the cruiser & stuck his night stick in between Derrick’s spokes. Flipping Derrick and his bike over, breaking several of the spokes on his tire.

Moore then tackled Derrick, and from the video being uploaded is seen hitting Derrick. Myself, and at least 10 other activists, came to the scene to see Moore on top of Derrick, pushing him into the ground. I witnessed Moore shove Derrick’s head into the ground when Derrick tried to adjust his sunglasses.

Moore was apparently trying to serve Derrick with no trespass papers for all of Keene School District, which he was already served with this morning, about 2-3 hours before this incident. Moore refused to answer activists as to why he was kidnapping Derrick.

New Overview video of this incident:

Please call the Keene PD (603) 357-9815 and demand the release of Derrick J. Freeman

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Sam A. Robrin March 30, 2012 at 7:01 pm

I keep hearing “They must be held accountable!”–yet every suggestion for doing exactly that is greeted with sanctimonious horror, and the imprecation (often untrue) that “That would continue the cycle of violence!” Until that contradiction is resolved within the Keene zeitgeist, count on much more, and much worse, continuing to happen.


dave April 3, 2012 at 6:17 am

This is another example of excessive force against targeted activists. I am a long way from NH, but between Ridley eport and Free Keene, I feel like I have a good idea of the challenges facing these committed activists. My respect for FK is immense, because unlike so many other free-staters, they put it all on the line (too often losing their freedom). My rrespect continues to grow. This video was extrermely well edited. I hope it winds up on youtube. I will try to support the victim of this assault shortly with a donation. His work has been uplifting, and Free Keene, in general, has my undying support. Be well and stay strong.


dave April 3, 2012 at 10:58 am

I just donated $50 to the bradley jardis defense fund to help with the defense of Keene activists -
I live in Oakland, California. If you are reading this and live outside NH please help out. Given that the fund is still very much under-funded, let’s do something to help if you believe as I do that these NH activists are on the front lines and need our help, especially when they get to court in front of corrupt judges, like Burke.


Prencesse April 21, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Thank you for keeping us udptaed on Jason’s status. I am not shocked he was assaulted and put in a cage. Those who dare to speak the truth like Jason will always be silenced by a system that can tolerate no dissent. Jason’s peaceful approach requires a kind of courage most people do not possess.


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