Friday April 27, 2012 at approximately 2:15PM, I parked my vehicle on Main Street and ran into the bank. Less than five minutes later, I exited the bank to find a parking ticket on my windshield.

Today, Cecelia and I went to the Keene Police Department where I stated my desire to contest the ticket. As the vehicle is registered under the name of another individual, I was told that I am not allowed to contest the ticket. According to the woman behind the counter and the officer she sent out to speak with me, my three options were: Ask my father to take time away from work to contest a parking ticket that is not his responsibility and that he would not be able to make an argument for because it stems from a situation he knows nothing about, let them coerce my dad into paying them with threats of stealing the vehicle, or pay the ticket.

Here’s the video:


Half-Dozen of Another

by Shaunna on April 22, 2012


I only barely disagree with Kate’s timely and informative piece in only a few instances. To wit:

Like I said, I’m sure many will blame the man who shot at police officers entering his home for the outcome of this interaction – but this could have been prevented.


But I believe that Mutrie’s reaction to what could have been, but was not prevented, was up to him.  Mutrie  was entirely responsible for every bullet he fired–at local Greenland police, at Chief Maloney and his ex-girlfriend and ultimately at himself specifically; and, as his home is in a residential area with kids and grandparents nearby, each bullet that only luckily did not hit anyone else. (and of course, the same for every stray and ‘successful’ bullet fired by the police, of course.) If he is not responsible for how he chose to defend (or arguably for some, to “defend” himself), then he is not responsible for defending himself at all and, many other things being equal, how does anyone else claim to be responsible for their own self-defense?



Newmarket Police Chief Kevin Cyr said Maloney “ran through gunfire and dragged wounded officers to safety…

A mark of civilization among some is to not speak ill of the dead, but it’s very difficult to believe everything one reads, or even half of what one sees.  Yet assuming that this last touching anecdote is true; the decision to participate in the investigation of Mutrie can be thoroughly criticized–which it should, as it’s resulted in three deaths and four injured–but at the same time it is difficult to find fault with this, which Maloney can easily be considered entirely responsible for.




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Dissatisfied “Customer”

April 16, 2012

At 9:00AM this morning, I went to the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse for the trial of Jason Talley, who was caged for possessing a camera at the Superior Courthouse on September 23, 2011 at approximately 8:30AM. Cecelia and I both had the intention of testifying as witnesses this morning, as we were the only people [...]

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The War On Drugs Claims Another Life

April 13, 2012

Around 6:30PM, April 12th in Greenland, NH, five police officers were seen standing on the front porch and peering into the windows of 517 Post Road. The officers were at the home to serve a ‘search warrant’ as part of a ‘drug related investigation.’ Kevin Clay from WMUR reports: “Police went to 517 Post Road [...]

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Derrick’s Arraignment

April 2, 2012

Earlier this morning, April 2, 2012, Derrick J. Freeman was arraigned at the Keene District Court on three charges stemming from this incident that occurred Friday March 30, 2012. Derrick is being charged with Disobeying an Officer, Resisting Arrest or Detention, and Contempt of court. Derrick mentioned that on Friday Sergeant Tenney, Fintan Moore, and [...]

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Mouthpiece for the State or Just Lazy Reporting?

April 1, 2012

Today, The Sentinel released a small blurb about Derrick J’s arrest. From The Sentinel: A Keene man faces charges of resisting arrest and disobeying an officer after police say he led them on a chase while riding his bicycle Friday afternoon. Derrick Joseph Horton, 22, was held at the Cheshire County jail in Keene for [...]

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Derrick J Freeman Unlawfully Arrested

March 30, 2012

***Updated with new video*** Question of the day: When do you tell them no? How many people do they have to hurt before people stand up and tell them no more? Today, my dear friend Derrick J. Freeman was attacked and beaten by Officer Moore of KPD. Derrick was riding his bike when Moore came [...]

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Keene Still Doesn’t Need A New Shiny Government MurderCar

February 19, 2012

Being in cubicle lock-down like every day, I had to wait until apparently the entire story was already over by time I was home from work, to find out what it was that was already over.  Of course,  a printed memo of the police search for a man with a gun and schools in lock-down, [...]

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Kelly to the TSA – Don’t Strip Our Rights – Thursday, Feb. 2

February 2, 2012

“Don’t Strip Our Rights”, held at the Manchester airport on Friday, Jan. 20th, was a huge success in large part due to the many talented liberty media representatives from Free Keene, Cop Block, and Ladies in Keene who covered the event, Adam of Marijuana Muscle who is including it in a video project he is [...]

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What is a Lady?

January 27, 2012

Ladies In Keene is a group of women who are devoted to the cause of liberty. Without this knowledge one might expect that the group was open-ended to all females living in Keene, because many determine that “lady” is synonymous with “female.” In many contexts this may be the case, however I believe certain distinctions [...]

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